Your First Visit

Step 1:

All new patients are asked to fill out the new patient health application form as completely as possible. Click here to fill out the patient application to save yourself up to 15 minutes on your initial appointment.

Step 2:

A one-on-one consultation will be conducted to discuss your health conditions, and your overall health goals. This consultation will provide us with a better understanding of your current health status. This allows us to locate the cause of your health conditions, and properly address your specific needs.

Step 3:

At Shifting Tides Chiropractic, we do a specific, scientific assessment that includes testing muscles, and the nervous system using N.A.S.A. published SPACE certified technology. This allows us to find where the irritation is in your nervous system, as well as the severity of it.

Step 4:

Chiropractic postural x-rays may be required based on individual assessment results. These allow us to evaluate the structure of the spine and help to locate problem areas.

Step 5:

After Dr. Felicia has thoroughly evaluated your specific, scientific assessment and your chiropractic postural x-rays, she will develop a customized chiropractic corrective care plan to you.

Step 6:

On your next visit we request that you bring your loved ones with you, as we will be going over a report of our findings with you. This includes going over your analyzed postural x-rays, your customized chiropractic care plan, and payment options.