Healing Stories

Allergies, Whiplash & Concussion

     Kevin was involved in a car accident. He suffered whiplash and a concussion. He also had memory problems as a result of the accident. He would need to be reminded up to five times to remember everyday things. After two months of suffering from pain when moving around the house, his wife scheduled him an appointment for an assessment. He had no doubts Chiropractic would help as his wife was already finding relief in our office from her issues that were caused 30 years ago.

     When asked about his first impressions of chiropractic, this office, and the doctor, he said he was looking forward to his treatment and some relief. The Doctor is professional and the atmosphere is relaxed.

    Kevin also suffered from allergies and sinus issues. He used over the counter medication for temporary relief. With neurologically based chiropractic care he no longer suffers from plugged sinuses and his allergies are gone. He has said good bye to the medications he used to take. His memory has improved and he no longer suffers from the headaches the accident caused and can enjoy every day activities. Kevin would like to recommend chiropractic to you and your loved ones.

“The Doctor and the office are professional and relaxed, with easy to schedule appointments.”

Arthritis, Leg pain, and Vertigo

     Lisa suffered from vertigo, arthritis, and pain in her legs for many years. With this much pain it was difficult to lift her grandchildren, sleep at night, and stand up from sitting. Lisa gave neurologically based chiropractic care a try and has seen progress since day one!  

     Since Lisa started her treatment she hasn’t experienced vertigo and her ability to stand up has improved! She even went on a flight and had no problems with dizziness, ear pressure, or nausea.

    Lisa recommends chiropractic to others who are sick, suffering, or haven’t found a solution to their pain. With the awesome results Lisa experienced, her husband decided to get care as well. Lisa stated, “Everyone with problems should see Dr. Felicia, she knows how to help with any problem!”

“She has helped me so much, I feel like a new person!”

No more back pain

    Shelley was seeing a traditional chiropractor for a year after a car accident,suffering with a back injury. She experienced some relief after an adjustment but the pain would come back within a few days.

    Shelley found Shifting Tides at a Wellness fair, learning about our technique. After a few weeks into treatment with Dr. Felicia, she was able to bend and walk distance without the severe pain.

    Now almost a year into her Care Plan she can sleep throughout the night, stand to cook,and work 8-10 hours a day without any pain. She is looking forward to a summer of biking, walking,hiking and getting back into exercise routines without pain!

    Shelley brought her 9 year old daughter in for an assessment and found some interference ,after 6 months of treatment her interference was gone. Although she didn’t have the pain, she truly benefited from the treatments which will allow her body to fully function.

“I am extremely thankful to Shifting Tides Chiropractic as they have enabled me to get my life back, THANK YOU!”

Neck and low back pain

    Christine had moderate to severe neck and low back pain for many years.The low back pain would increase with activity, which made gardening almost impossible.

    She saw an orthopedist and a physical therapist with relief some years ago. More recently the pain had came back. After several weeks of seeing Dr.Felicia she has pain relief, she sleeps better and she has increased activity. She is now back to tending her garden!

“Shifting Tides is a very friendly and caring place. Makes me feel special and not just a number.”

Chronic Back Pain, Trouble Sleeping, Leg Pain and Headaches

    Don suffered from chronic back pain, headaches and pain in his legs.  He also had problems sleeping at night. The back pain and headaches were constant. After two weeks of neurologically based chiropractic, his headaches and neck pain were completely gone. His back pain is less severe and not as frequent. He is no longer taking medication on a daily basis.  

    When asked about his first impressions of chiropractic, this office, and the doctor, he said, “I was very impressed by how the office is set up. The registration process is very efficient. Dr. Felicia is great and very knowledgeable. Her procedures are very helpful.”  

    After seeing a traditional chiropractor he did not have much relief. Don said he was very optimistic about trying neurologically based chiropractic.

“I highly recommend Dr. Felicia to anyone who wants to get rid of pain and headaches and live a more comfortable life”

Clogged ears, Ringing in ears, sleep problems

    Jeffery suffered from sleep issues due to anxiety, depression, and clogged ears.      

    Before Jeffery received chiropractic care he would have to flush his ears out every 3 months due to wax build up or his ears would constantly ring.  

    Six weeks of chiropractic care helped him to sleep through the night for eight straight hours!  Three months later, the ear ringing slowly disappeared and depression and anxiety was much improved!  

    Dr. Felicia and the staff are an amazing group. They are very helpful and listen to your concerns. They make you feel like you are receiving the best care around.

“Visiting on a weekly basis, I felt at home in the office. I always looked forward to my future appointments!"

Neck and Lower Back Pain

    Kitty suffered low back pain since High School and neck pain in her adulthood. In 2004 she was assisting in a cheer stunt that ended up compressing her L3,L4,L5 and S1. She did physical therapy for a year after the injury which provided minimal pain relief.  

    When Kitty first discovered Shifting Tides she was very impressed with the technology and the overall friendliness of the office and of course Dr. Felicia.  

    After two months of care her pain improved by 50%, after ten months of care her pain is 90% gone.  Both her daughters and husband are now seeing Dr. Felicia for their health concerns.

“In addition to my pain being 90% gone, I have reduced my anxiety medications as well!”

Panic Attacks and Anxiety

    Ashley decided to give Chiropractic a try to see if it could help with her anxiety and panic disorder.  

    After receiving her first adjustment, she said, “I felt worlds better and had loads of energy… my ever anxious mind is now calm… its weird.”

    Not only did the first adjustment do wonders but in just 2 months she has felt so much change and improvement. She rarely has anxious thoughts and hasn’t had a panic attack since starting care.

    On top of the panic attacks and anxiety. Ashley also received care for her neck, shoulders, and upper back pain. She has better sleep, more energy, less pain, and more flexibility.  Living is now more comfortable!

“I can’t explain it… but it is such a blessing to have my life back. I am unstoppable now!”

A Comfortable Pregnancy with Twins!

    Angela has received chiropractic care on and off for years for her headaches. Once she found out she was expecting twins, she started scheduling weekly chiropractic adjustments.  

    Angela knew it would be very beneficial for her and her babies if she was receiving chiropractic care because she had been taught that consistent care throughout her pregnancy would prepare her body for delivery, and also help to develop healthy twins!

    Angela also suffered with headaches before getting consistent chiropractic care. During her pregnancy, she did not have a single headache. She was so thankful that she was able to avoid over the counter pain relievers during her pregnancy!  

    Angela’s headaches, and low back pain subsided with consistent care and the adjustments also allowed for the best positioning of the twins so they were head down for delivery!

“My twins had their first adjustment at 5 days old and have been going weekly since.  Dr. Felicia has really helped both my son and daughter. Each one was favoring laying their heads to one side and she has been able to help them move their head’s freely both ways.”

Recurring Migraines

    Danielle suffered from reoccurring migraines for over 10 years. Her migraines would be so severe that they caused light sensitivity, nausea, pulsing pain and hyper-sensitivity to smells.  

    Danielle had some doubts when she first started chiropractic care. She thought the main cause of her migraines was more muscular than neurological. She had soreness and stress in her shoulders, but didn’t think that they were connected to her migraines.  

    Danielle says making the 40 minute drive, twice a week for the last 4 months has definitely been worth it!

“Nothing is better than an unintended positive side-effect! I’ve been purchasing less Excedrin & that was the ah-ha moment for me and chiropractic care.”

TMJ, Migraines, Headaches and    Neck Pain.

    Kaitlin saw multiple doctors and was prescribed numerous medications for her headaches, migraines, TMJ and neck pain. Physical therapy helped but without consistent visits the pain came back again and again. For many years she was in constant pain and was taking migraine medications all too often.  

    She turned to Chiropractic care as she felt like it was her only remaining option. At first, it started to sound too good to be true. There was a lot of information provided by Dr. Felicia and the staff at Shifting Tides Chiropractic. Her previous doctors  did not provide her with a care plan or goals to achieve like Dr. Felicia did.    

    Her jaw pain is almost completely gone and she is experiencing less migraines with Neurologically Based Chiropractic.

“Dr. Felicia is about healing the issues, not covering up the problem or masking it with medication.”

Low Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

    Heather has lived with low back, neck, and shoulder pain for several years. This pain has made it difficult for her to lift heavy objects, and sit or stand for long periods of time.  

     When asked about her first impressions of chiropractic in the office she said, “I was slightly skeptical at the speed in which I would notice differences with neurologically-based chiropractic care.”  

    She is a month into the care plan Dr. Felicia recommended and she has already noticed changes! After her first reassessment she has changes in her posture. She also has seen improvement in how she feels, and daily tasks are getting easier!

“I really like the welcoming atmosphere and how quickly I’m in and out for my appointments.”