True Correction VS Temporary Relief

Principled Chiropractic

The “Sick Care” Model

Chiropractic is a principled form of healthcare, meaning that it’s meant to maintain your body and health over time rather than just providing a quick fix. Clearly, the sick care model wouldn’t allow this goal of long-term prevention to work.

Although many chiropractors specialize in providing temporary relief, the practice was never intended to work that way. Instead, the goal is to pinpoint the causes of a patient’s health problems and correct them directly at the source, resulting in true correction.

While chiropractic is effective in providing a band-aid or temporary pain relief treatment, we have found that true spinal correction offers long-term benefits. This is why Shifting Tides Chiropractic is a principled chiropractic care center.
The model of “sick care” is still a common practice in America’s Healthcare System. The term is used to describe only going to receive medical attention after you’re already sick. The alternative would be a healthcare system that focuses on preventative care so you can avoid illness more often.

Chiropractic works to go against this “sick care” model. Instead of waiting until pain has begun, chiropractors recommend regular visits to ensure that your spinal health is maintained for years to come. After all, you wouldn’t wait to brush your teeth until you already have a cavity. The same applies for your spine and nervous system health. It’s important not to wait for an injury or pain before making your first visit to a chiropractor.